Symplectic Publications

Symplectic Elements automates the collection of research data and makes it available for reuse.

Integration of Haiku websites with Symplectic as an external source of publications, is done by periodical syncing of publications into a Haiku website, while keeping a reference to the original source by its related authors.

Symplectic integration setup

This requires some specific system setup which is done automatically during the website installation, if requested at the time of the site launch, or can be done anytime after the launch.

  1. Go to "Site Setup" (via the personal dropdown in editor's toolbar)
  2. Find the "Publications" control panel link and click on it
  3. Configure Symplectic integration using the following control panel fields

Manual Types

When speaking about Symplectic integration, we can ignore this field, which is used when editors are publishing publications on their website manually - ignore this field to use publication types from Symplectic.

Order of preference for Symplectic sources

Since Symplectic gathers publications from various external sources, we provide you with ability to define which Symplectic sources you want to sync publications from. If a publication is found in more than one Symplectic source, you also have the ability to define which source the system should prefer, when picking up the record for a particular publication.

IMPORTANT: If website users are missing any of their publications, it is very possible that they are originally published in one of the external Symplectic sources, that is not enabled in this field. Other reasons for any missing publications are; the publication could be synced with a slightly different title, or any other the other information attributed to it, when it has different versions in multiple Symplectic external sources, but the version expected to be synced is in a source listed with a lower priority than the other in this field.

Email notifications

This field is used to enter e-mail addresses where the sync reports are sent when every publications sync is finished - please enter one e-mail address per line

Container path

This is where the absolute path to the section where the publications synchronised with Symplectic are saved and listed. The path must be relative to website root including starting slash ("/") character. This container is a regular website section configured to use "Publications default" listing template, showing the list of recently published papers and search with a filtering form.


If a user feels like they are missing publications on their profile, it may be for one of multiple reasons.

Please work through the following checklist:

  1. Have the publications been claimed by the user in Symplectic?
  2. Is the source ordering (as above) as you would expect it to be?
  3. Check that the publications are not 'hidden' in Symplectic - we respect how publications are flagged in Symplectic, so if they are flagged as hidden in Symplectic, they won't be synced to Haiku.
  4. When were the publications claimed in Symplectic? Haiku only syncs with Symplectic overnight so if the publications have only been claimed on the same day... See if they are there tomorrow, or ask a Site Administrator to run an ad-hoc sync.
  5. Check that path (related to site root) is properly configured in the control panel  - it has to be same as the path of the publications folder - it is set up to be '/publications' by default, but if it gets moved then it needs to be updated in the control panel otherwise no publications will get updated. NOTE: we don't support multiple publications folder when syncing publications.

If you have checked all these things and the publications are still not there then please raise a helpdesk ticket for us detailing a couple of examples publication titles that should be displaying.