Responding to an invitation sent to a different email address

It sometimes occurs that a user of risr/advance has sent an invitation to you on a different email address than you have registered with risr/advance. This means that in order to link it to your correct account you will need to associate the invite using the following instructions.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Locate the invitation email that you received and click on the link inviting you to provide a response.

  2. This opens a form which asks you to either register for a new account if you don't have one, or if you do then to login to your existing account. Scroll to the bottom of this page until you see a login area which should look like the below.

  3. At this point you'll need to login with your existing credentials. Please either login with the username and password directly on or select the single sign on provider that is relevant to your organisation.

  4. By logging in successfully this has now associated the invitation you received to your existing account in risr/advance. You should now see a to do in your account (the bell icon in the top right) which will contain all the invitations you have been sent.


The same problem can also occur if you registered for a new account directly from an invitation but did not fully complete the process. In this case once your account has been activated please follow the same above instructions to correctly associate the invitation to this account.