Managing summary templates

Summary templates are a way to manage what is displayed when viewing another user's summary page. They are built in a very similar way to the dashboard templates.

Access the list of summary templates from within the Dashboard dropdown in the menu bar.

Create a new template by click the green  button in the top right corner. 

You will then be taken to the template builder page. The Template title is a way for you to refer back to this particular configuration from the list of available templates. It will be shown to end users if they have more than one template available to them. If they only have visibility of one template (excluding the default) then this title will not be shown to them.

Choose which users this template relates to by selecting from the list: Please select all roles this template should be visible to. The roles that you select here are the roles which the user being viewed must have in order for this template to appear to the person who is viewing that user. For example, if we have two users; one with the role supervisor and the other with the role trainee. If you wish to set what information the supervisor should see on the trainee's summary page then you would choose trainee as the selected role for this summary template.