How to create a new event


Your timeline contains a list of all the forms, documents and evidence you add to your portfolio over time. Every item on the timeline is considered to be an event.

You can create a new event from anywhere in the application. Simply look for the plus + icon in the toolbar in the top right hand corner.

Clicking this will bring up a new screen which asks you to select what you would like to create. The categories on this screen are specified and managed from within the manage timelines area.

Only forms which are built for your specific role will be visible. Once you select an option you will be taken to the form to complete.  

Date occurred on - this is the date on which the piece of evidence you are recording actually occurred. For example if you are recording the outcome of a procedure that happened last week you are able to select the date on which the procedure actually took place.

End date - often this is the same as the date occurred on field. However, if the event contains a relation this will be applied to the timeline owner between the start date and end date specified for this event.


All events you select here will go onto your own timeline. If you are looking to add an event onto someone else's timeline please first navigate to the users list and click new event on the relevant user's record


Mandatory fields are indicated by the red star icon next to the fields

Once you have completed the form to your satisfaction you can press the green submit button to advance it on to the next section. If the form is designed to be sent on to another user of the system you will see the following invitation box at the very bottom.

Start typing for the person's name or email address and the system will return any matching results. When you have chosen the person to send the form on to press the green submit button which will then return you to the timeline and update the status of the event.

An event inside Kaizen is considered to be anything that you add to your portfolio. This could be a new form, document, assessment, request or feedback.