2.17: Kaizen



Release Number


Release Date

Aug 18, 2021

New Features

Profile pictures

Please click here to view guidance documentation.

Pictures can now be displayed on every profile within Kaizen. Any image format is accepted and can be uploaded by anyone who has the ability to edit their own or someone else’s profile. This image will be displayed on a user profile and when viewing an event.


Automatic closing of goals

Please click here to view guidance documentation.

Goals can now be automatically closed when certain conditions are met. This allows for closure with no manual intervention required and can be based upon 100% achievement or the due date of the goal set being reached.


  • Date occurred is now displayed when downloading individual events to PDF

  • Users are no longer asked to confirm when marking a goal that contains no progress

  • Goal linking and progress filters are now the same by default

  • Viewing the goal configuration within a published event type now shows the detail of the filters which have been set


  • API: ‘disable method’ call sometimes returned errors for some users

  • Downloading the CSV of results after a mock data import occasionally failed

  • Goals dependent on a relation were not correctly calculating progress when the user had the same relation applied more than once

  • Multiple ‘n/a’ options were appearing as selectable options within some discrete user fields

  • Confirmation popup was not always correctly dismissed after clicking OK or Cancel