Scheduling an exam for a small group of candidates

This describes the process to schedule an exam for a smaller group of candidates already contained within Practique, and not for your whole cohort. For example this can be all candidates in Year 1 or perhaps just candidates who are participating in a mock exam.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Make sure you have all candidates you wish to schedule in Practique. You can check using Practique Settings > Candidates.
  2. Create your exam as you would normally do.
  3. When you prepare your exam, during the Specify candidates step use the Upload CSV feature to upload a file with candidates specific for your exam only.

Candidate CSV file format

Use a simple CSV file format with one column and one header row with candidate IDs in subsequent rows. The CSV file should only contain the candidate IDs as you have defined them in Practique Settings > Candidates.