As you may know, we have been working on a number of options to enable our customers to continue to assess and support students and trainees throughout these challenging times. We wanted to give you an update on this development, which adds an extra dimension to Practique’s online Clinical Assessments, OSCE and Admissions delivery capability. We are very excited about the benefits this extension to Practique offers creating an integrated, secure and cost-effective solution.

  • For candidates: easy to use with one-click connecting them to the right examiner, access resources including pictures and video and direct communication.

  • For examiners: communicate directly with candidates via a secure video link, see instructions, the mark scheme and LIVE MARK each candidate all within Practique.

  • For admin: no need to schedule and manage 100s of separate video calls, saving time and resources

  • For the institution: provide clinical assessments in a safe environment whilst maintaining the continuity and integrity of your assessment regime and mitigating against the impact of delays and cancellations.

New features will be available shortly with additional development planned in response to feedback and to meet the demand for creative solutions.  Several organisations who had been looking at postponing or abandoning their OSCE's will now be using this new functionality to carry on their operations. As a valued customer we want to offer the opportunity to include this as part of your Practique package and work with you to meet new and future challenges.
This short video introduces some of the key features.

To discuss your particular needs for Remote OSCE or other assessments and how we can help, please get in touch with your regular contact at Fry or email us at