How to import marks

This document describes how to import marks for an exam into Practique. You can import marks from various sources into Practique using CSV import functionality. Before you import marks into Practique you need to create an exam where marks will be imported to, this involves creating relevant Items, Item Set(s) and the Exam itself.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Create exam you want to import marks into
  2. Navigate to View Sessions for your pending exam
  3. If you only want to import marks into the exam and you don't need to run the exam on iPads in any point you use Run session on paper for each session.
    1. Do not tick the Tick to start preparing papers unless you need the papers
  4. You can then import marks using Upload result CSV
  5. On the Import exam results screen
    1. You can Download result template to get the CSV file template for this particular Session/Exam
    2. You can upload the CSV file with the results

NOTE: In downloaded template in the mark sections between quotations, you have to input the value of the marking schema and not the title. If criteria is of Boolean type and if you want it to be false you have to put the word "False", otherwise any other value will be treated as true value.

Import file format

You can download template for the CSV file from the Import exam results screen. See Step 5 in the Step-by-step guide.