Answer elimination feature

Available from versions P4B2.4 and above

Feature release date: September 2021


It is possible to switch on / off the ability for candidates to eliminate options in Single Best Answer (SBA) format. They can use this feature in P4B to assist them in their decision making and selecting the correct response in SBAs.

This feature is enabled / disabled at the exam level and may be helpful for candidates who are accustomed to crossing out options in paper-based exams. The elimination feature does not have any impact on the candidates submitted responses.


Setting-up answer elimination for SBAs 

  • When setting up an exam (navigate to ‘Edit exam details’) you will see the option to enable answer elimination. 

  • This feature is enabled / disabled for the entire exam and for all candidates. 

Enabling answer elimination in ‘Edit Exam Details’


Candidate use of answer elimination in P4B 

  • When enabled, candidates can use this feature to eliminate options to help them to determine their correct response in an SBA. 

  • By clicking the cross in the right of the option field they will see that option appears with a strikethrough the text. 

  • The selection can be toggled on and off by the candidate. 

  • The strikeout is retained between items and so when the candidate returns to an item they can still see items they have already eliminated. 

  • Candidates must still actively select their correct response. Simply eliminating all except one item is NOT an alternative to selecting an item choice. 

  • A candidate can submit their response even when some of the options have been eliminated. 

Candidate view of answer elimination in P4B

Note: If reading time is applied to an examination, the elimination feature is NOT available to candidates during reading time.