Colour theme

risr/advance is themed using a set of five primary colour categories. It is possible for you to choose a specific colour for each category in order to make up a custom palette. The categories and where they are used within the application are outlined in the branding booklet below.


A custom logo can be chosen to represent your brand within risr/advance. There is the capability to use two different logos for different purposes as follows:

  1. In app desktop / email notifications / login & logout screen

  2. In app mobile

We recommend each logo be a transparent png at approximately 100px in height. The width will be proportional to the height and so can vary to best account for your brand. risr/advance automatically resizes the logo to standardise the height for each of the three areas listed above, but 100px ensures the image is not too large so as to impact application performance, whilst maintaining sufficient quality.


risr/advance uses the Inter typeface and takes advantage of features to provide increased legibility, such as clear disambiguation between similar characters. For example, this helps users to distinguish between the upper case “i” and lower case “L” which can sometimes both be represented as “l”.